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Integrated services with value adding all the way  , from the mine pit to the discharge port

STEAM COAL AVAILABLE FOR 30 DAYS DELIVERY - FOBMV LC  100% at Sight - Prices are subject to FCO 

Production Status :  August 1, 2016

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CEPOT is a newly established small and effective business unit of PT PQA to provide professionally committed sourcing of quality steam coal to the customers. 

CEPOT is a value added organization that among the senior management combines over 100 years of  personal experience in international trade and in depth product knowledge. CEPOT only assign its own officer who is seasoned industry specialist experienced in all aspects of contract selection, negotiation and implementation respective to the product being sourced.

CEPOT selects and proposes the reliable and reputable vendors only through stringent process for final selection and approval of the customer. CEPOT can organize integrated and reliable logistics support

CEPOT is a communication and cooperation platform for serious medium and small size coal mining and contracting companies to facilitate joint professional coal trading services to serious large scale buyers.  CEPOT  stands for Comprehensive Energy Products Organized Traders

In the Indonesian wayang / puppet show, CEPOT is a name given to a character that despite of his appearance plays a significant role in giving advice of wisom to his masters in the time of need.



CEPOT Group mining operation is now under the coordination of Chief Mining Operation, Fardinand Rabain. The mining operation team work from the Group Head Office, 


CEO and CSO of CEPOT Group made a presentation before the members of the Coal Importer Association of Bangladesh in Sylhet. The Chairman of the association invited CEPOT Group to discuss the members' desire to purchase directly from Indonesian companies. There were 35 vessel transported coal from Indonesia to Bangladesh in the last 6 months but 33 of them were purchased from trading companies in Europe. This will change soon Click here to view more news and enlarged pictures.

During the recent visit to Mumbai, India, various meetings were organized by CEPOT Group representatives to discuss direct sales to the end users in India. These include various major power plants.   Click here to view more news and enlarged pictures.


 CEPOT Group and PT Cristian Eka Pratama [CEP] signed a Memorandum of Agreement for exploration and production in a 5,000 hectares concession in Kutai Barat, East Kalimantan. Production is scheduled to start in January 2016 for GAR 5000 with projected volume of 2,500,000 MT per year. Seen in picture is Mr Lorensius Hajang, President Commisioner of CEP [far left] and CEPOT CEO [far right]

CEPOT Group established a cooperation with Tuah Turangga Agung [TTA] to supply high calorie steam coal to CEPOT Group's primary buyers. TTA is a subsidiary of PT Pamapersada Nusantara and PT United Tractor, part of the Astra Heavy Industry, Mining and Energy Group [AHEME] of PT Astra International Tbk, the most respected and the biggest corporation in Indonesia. TTA holds ownership over a number of mine concessions incl PT Prima Multi Mineral [PMM], PT Agung Bara Prima [ABP], PT Asmin Bara Bronang [ABB], PT Asmin Bara Jaan [ABJ], PT Duta Sejahtera [DS], PT Duta Nurchaya [DN] and PT Piranti Jaya Utama [PJU]


CEPOT introduced the SECURED CASH PURCHASE through the Escrow Account services at Bank Mandiri, the Indonesian state owned largest bank. Buyer will deposit the funds for cash purchase [1/4/4/1] under the three party Escrow Agreement involving the bank. Seller can only draw the funds in accordance to the predetermined schedule subject to presentation of all required documents

The official signing of MoU between CEPOT and Asuransi Tugu Kresna  Pratama [TKP]. TKP will provide  marine cargo insurance to cash buyers of CEPOT in conjunction with the Escrow Agreement between Bank Mandiri and both CEPOT and its Buyer. TKP is represented by Mr Yasril Rasyid, the President.

Ecsrow Meeting at CEPOT : present during the discussion representatives of the Buyer, Insurance Company [Asuransi Tugu Kresna Pratama] and Bank Mandiri to discuss the Escrow scheme and details of agreement. 


CEPOT established a close cooperation with ARPENI PRATAMA OCEAN LINES [APOL] to deliver the bulk cargo based on CFR basis.

APOL has the capacity to provide "end-to-end logistics solution service"  with its comprehensive fleet comprising CAPESIZE and PANAMAX bulk carriers, tugboat, barges and floating cranes andsolution service" with its its comprehensive fleets, comprising CAPESIZE and PANAMAX bulk carriers, tugboat, barges and floating cranes.

CEPOT signed the Master Agreement  Vessel Charter Support with Karana Line.

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CEPOT assigned Mr Lee Jong Young [Jacky] as the CEPOT Group CHIEF SHIPPING OFFICER to oversee the overall shipping related issues of the contract with the customers.  

He holds the degrees of B.A [Nautical Science] of Korea Maritime University and MBA [ Engineering Finance] of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia  



More medium and small size mining and contracting companies are joining the team. The CEPOT Group is growing and expanding.  

the pioneers story

The first batch of female staffs of the CEPOT GROUP [ 1 9 9 8 ] . 

 Corporate Meeting in Bali [ 1 9 8 8 ]

Bangkok Branch Office [ 2 0 0 3 ] 

 The management and staffs [ 2 0 0 4 ]

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