CEPOT GROUP Coal Division


CEPOT is a newly established small and effective business unit of PT PQA to provide professionally committed sourcing of quality steam coal and minerals to the customers. PT PQA was established in 1999 in Jakarta. The business was started 5 years prior to the establishment under the trade name of IRR & Associates

CEPOT is established as the answer to many overseas companies in initiating or maintaining contact with the Indonesian miners without having any communication and business practices barriers which has been a major hindrance in the business of  coal and mineral ore

The founder of CEPOT, is also the founder as well as the President & CEO of a successful business network in the aviation industries for the last 2 decades. The subsidiary companies , agents and customers are located in many different countries throughout the Asian continent.

Born under the Chinese sign of Snake. Studied at Fakultas Teknik Universitas Indonesia. His first job in 1977 was with the sole agent of Caterpillar in Indonesia as the Support  Services Supervisor and was responsible for the coordination of various activities in more than 33 branch offices throughout Indonesia in the area of customer support. He joined Good Year  marketing management in Indonesia in 1986 and was responsible and successful to reform the company's nation wide marketing strategy to challenge the growing competition from Japanese and other local manufacturers.

Serving in the Reserved Army Battalion 303 Universitas Indonesia - Modern Infantry. Instructor and Head of Technical Committee at Wado Kai Karate-do Indonesia 

Business and Technical training attended throughout his career included international classes given by Good Year International [USA, Australia, the Philippines], Caterpillar [Far East], Astronautics [USA], Rogerson Kratos [USA], Leyland [UK, Malaysia], Clark Equipment [USA, Australia], Lansing Bagnall [UK], Price Waterhouse, Citibank, etc. Appointed as instructor at Leadership Training Course [Intermediate Program] of Fakultas Teknik Universitas Indonesia.

CEPOT is committed to grow in order to provide more solutions to the rising demands on professional, committed and reliable coal and mineral product sourcing.



To become the most reliable and trusted partner to the sellers and buyers of coal  of Indonesia 
To become the best friend of the society and the earth in and around the mining area 
To contribute to the development of wealth to the stakeholders, partners and the employees


    Quality  :  Zero Reject
        Quantity   :  Full Cargo Load
    Documents   :  Full Compliance
Transhipment  :  No Demurrage


Samuel Edison
Vijay Miglani
Candra S Wijaya
Hot Hutahuruk
Kuniomi Yoshida
Hanita Rai
Fardinand Rabain
M Mahwan

CEPOT GROUP PROFILE 2015 March [6.19 MB]
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CEPOT Tax registration No dated Dec 10, 2001, under the registered incorporation name.  

Company ratification No C-13210 HT 01 01 TH2001 dated November 14, 2001 by Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.

Company Trade License 04154-03 / PM / 1.624.271



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