CEPOT GROUP Coal Division


CEPOT allocate a minimum of 10% of its net profit for CSR projects in Kalimantan and other provinces in Indonesia.

Some of the CSR
 projects are being planned and reviewed :

  • Water Pump [DC Solar Power] capacity 3,500 l/h @ 40 m head for 4 locations
  • Water Pump [DC Solar Power] capacity 1,800 l/h @ 100 m head for 1 location
  • Donation of self priming, high pressure, large volume petrol pump [+ 20,000 l/h] for portable fire fighting to 12 locations
  • Renovation of some churches and mosques in 8 locations
  • Renovation of school classes in 2 locations
  • Shoes for 200 elementary students in 1 location

  • Home Lighting [LED 600 Lumen] Solar Energy independent installation for 100 homes


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