CEPOT GROUP Coal Division


PrimaTrade established a production network consists of over 50 coal mines in South and East Kalimantan and over 10 nickel mines in South and South East Sulawesi  to meet the global demand on quality, capacity, sustainability and reliability of supplies. 

Now PrimaTrade can offer the steel manufacturers and other industries with Manganese Ore originated from Timor Tengah Selatan. The present production capability has the potential to supply up to 20,000 - 50,000 MT of the highest quality ores,

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Quality chart : Red - PrimaTrade's and Blue - rest of the world 

The quality of the Manganese Ore is the highest in Indonesia and is comparable to highest ores originated from other countries in the world. 


 Delivery Terms

 Payment Terms

  •  FOB Mother Vessel, Open Sea Anchorage, Indonesia

  • Irrevocable Confirmed Letter of Credit 100 at Sight issued by any top 50 bank
  • Any form of Cash Payment with no down payment or advance payment must be guaranteed by SBLC  issued by any top 50 bank


Buyers are invited to visit and audit the mine locations and operations after issuance the ICPO prior to signing the Sale & Purchase Agreement or making the first payment. Buyer's own expenses are at Buyer's own account.

Please contact us by email for more information or to obtain a 
Soft Corporate Offer. 

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