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  March 20

 PrimaTrade entered into a Purchase and Sales Agreement with BINAMAS Trade

 March 15

PrimaTrade entered into a Purchase and Sales Agreement with Source Profit Ltd. Consecutive meetings were held from March 11 to 15 to conclude the final draft before signing.

January 11 

PrimaTrade congratulated the opening of representative office of PTT International Trading Pte Ltd, the strategic partner in the global coal trading expansion.

 January 3

Meeting between PrimaTrade and INKOPPOL exploring the opportunity in steam coal mining and trading.

 December 29

 Collaboration between PrimaTrade and Ratu Kaila Resources on coal getting.is signed.

December 13 

Collaboration between PrimaTrade and Lentera Nuansa Illahi on coal getting.is signed

December 12 

 Signing of PSA for 420,000 MT of NAR 5500 with Wuhan, China at PrimaTrade's office

December 11 

Full team meeting to discuss the WORRY FREE CASH DEAL at PrimaTrade's Ofice attended by Xiamen Yaozhong, Hong Kong Brother Int'l, Yaozhong Resources, BANK MANDIRI and Tugu Kresna Pratama Insurance.

 December 8

 Conclosion of PSA for FangFang Group, Hong Kong 

November 22 

 Visit of team of PTT International, a subsidiary of PTT Thailand to establish a business cooperation. PTT ranked 95 among 500 companies in the world as listed by Fortune Global 500 Companies

 October 19

Final meeting to sign the Purchase & Sales Agreement of  600.000 MT GAR 3800 with Goldfern Singapore for shipments to China.

September 25

CFR CONTRACT with PrimaTrade is even getting easier now that a close cooperation with P.T. Arpeni Pratama Ocean Line Tbk, [APOL]  is established. APOL offered the priority to transport steam coal to the buyers of PrimaTrade at various international destinations. APOL has the capacity to provide "end-to-end logistics solution service" with its comprehensive fleets, comprising Capesize, Panamax and Handymax bulk carriers, tugboat, barges and floating cranes.

September 24

 September 24 : Ms Mira O Setiabudhi is appointed as PrimaTrade's representative for Strategic Partnership Cooperation Development and is based in Woodside, New York, USA. 

September 5 

The official signing of MoU between PrimaTrade and Asuransi Tugu Kresna  Pratama [TKP]. TKP will provide Advance Payment Bond to cash buyers of PrimaTrade in conjunction with the Escrow Agreement between Bank Mandiri and both PrimaTrade and its Buyer. TKP is represented by Mr Yasril Rasyid, the President.

September 1 

PrimaTrade introduced the SECURED CASH PURCHASE through the Escrow Account services at Bank Mandiri, the Indonesian state owned largest bank . Buyer will deposit the funds for cash purchase [5/4/1] under the 3 party Escrow agreement involving Bank Mandiri. 

Buyer's payment is also secured under the Advance Payment Bond issued by Tugu Kresna Pratama, the authorized and licensed insurance company to issue surety bonds. It is a redundant safety measures to the Buyer that no other offers in the coal trading. This is a WORRY FREE CASH DEAL to get the cash price.

August 29 

PrimaTrade - Thai Capital Corp PCL [TCC] - Bhanda Ghara Reksa [BGR] Technical  Meeting  at PrimaTrade office. BGR will provide the stock administration support at the stockpile

August 28 

PrimaTrade - Thai Capital Corp PCL [TCC] - Bank Mandiri meeting at Bank Mandiri Head Office. The bank will provide the Escrow Account services  to TCC and PrimaTrade

August 2 

Mr Jong Kim Qian of Marakon Sdn Bhd from Sarawak visited the office of Bastara Prima. Marakon Sdn Bhd is the representative for sales of steam coal to some users in Sarawak .

August 1 

Mr Yasuhiro Nakagami PhD and Mr Tadashi Nakamura of Mudix , Japan, inspected some coal mining operations in South Kalimantan during the preparation of logistics support with Bastara Prima to supply power plants in Japan 

July 27 

PrimaTrade and Thai Capital Corp Co., Ltd are finalizing the Strategic Cooperation Agreement. The 2 companies will expand their respective business in the coal trading. The projected cooperation value is USD 120 million per year with option to increase up to USD 240 million per year.

 July 21

Mr Tadashi Nakamura, CEO of MUDIX Co., Ltd, Japan, visited the office of PrimaTrade. Mudix is the representative of Bastara Prima - sister company of PrimaTrade - in Japan. The visit is to coordinate action plans toward the preparation of negotiation with J Power and 3 other Power Plants. Mr Yoshinobu Ichii, Rep Director of PROGRESS HOLDING CO., LTD was also present in connection with the investment program.  

June 23 

Exactly 13 years ago, PT PQA was established in Jakarta to continue the aviation business of Performance Management Systems Inc, USA in Bandung. Some of the present senior staffs of PT PQA has a record of excellent dedication since over 16 years ago with PMS and PT PQA.

Ateng Chaerudin, Vice President Marketing, Length of service :  17 years. 
Rita Diana, Executive Secretary, Length of Service : 16 years

June 15

PT BASTARA PRIMA is established as a joint venture between PrimaTrade and Ms Belina Andra who is acting as the President. The company as part of the CEPOT Group of companies will focus on the marketing of high calory steam coal to the Japanese power plants. The company will continue the business pursuant that started by Ms Belina Andra 6 months ago. 

Seen in picture above, Ms Belina Andra and His Excellency Prime Minister of Japan, Yukio Hatoyama, during her recent visit to present the supply capability of supporting the power plants projects in Japan and proposal on how the Japanese Government in return can help to develop and expand the resources

June 13

PrimaTrade CEO signed an MoU with PT Puradika Transpacific United represented by the owner and CEO,  Mr Rheinhard L Tobing. Besides as the CEO of his own company Mr heinhard L Tobing is also the Chairman of the Indonesian Shipbrokers Association. By this MoU, all shipping management of CFR contract of PrimaTrade will be handled exclusively by his company.

June 10 

KOREAN INVESTMENT SUPPORT Co Ltd [Korea] signed a Sales & Purchase Agreement with PrimaTrade at PrimaTrade's new office for the delivery of steam coal. The agreement is for 1,200,000 MT supply over 12 month period

 June 10 

SUCOFINDO team accompanied by PrimaTrade Team performed sample taking at the stockpile in Batu Licin as per standard procedure of PrimaTrade to assure maximum specification is met. 132 samples taken from 12,000 MT stock ready for crushing and loading.

May 1

PrimaTrade [represented by the CEO] signed the Cooperating & Consulting Agreement for Joint Coal Mining Operations with XPS [Xpress Property Services Pty Ltd], Australia, represented by Cha Masong, the Managing Director. XPS will provide potential investors to help the coal mine productions process to the coal mining companies selected by PrimaTrade.

April 30

PrimaTrade [represented by the CEO] signed an NCND Agreement with XPS Pty Ltd, Australia related to investment projects for coal mining production process.. Sitting on the left of the CEO  is Radix Bagaskoro, the Finance Consultant of  PrimaTrade

April 24 

PrimaTrade [represented by the CEO] signed an exlcusive agreement with Sucofindo [represented by Ganis Ramadhani [Operation Director]  for the management and control of quality and quantity to ensure elimination of potentials penalty and rejection on the coal supplied.

 April 21

Pinggao Group of China represented by Cao Ming [2nd left] signed an MoU with PrimaTrade for purchase of a total of 7.200.000 MT steam coal for a period of 12 months starting June 2012. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Electric Power Equipment and Technology Co Ltd, located in Pingdingshan, Henan Province

April 17 

PrimaTrade represented by Ryan Ha , VP International Marketing - East Asia, signed an agreement in Shanghai with Shanghai Jiufu represented by Zhang Jian Guo, Deputy General Manager for the supply of steam coal ADB 5800 -5600 and NAR 4800 - 4600

April 13

Owner of SURYACITRA MAHKOTA MANDIRI, H Abiidin has agreed to allocate and dedicate 4 Ha pit in his coal mine for the supply to PrimaTrade. The expected production output is 700.000 MT of ADB 5500 - 5300  within 6 months. The spot is now named PrimaTrade Pit.

 April 12

PICTURE PROFILE : Suryacitra Mahkota Mandiri. A team of PrimaTrade visited the mining location during the final cooperation arrangement between Suryacitra Mahkota Mandiri and PrimaTrade

  April 10

DAEWOO International Corp, Korea, represented by Mr Yeong-Gyun Kim, Director, had signed an agreement with PrimaTrade for the supply of NAR 4800 steam coal.

 April 4

AD Motor is expanding its business to coal and minerals worldwide trading. AD Motors is a Korean based listed company engaged in the manufacture of electric vehicle. See http://www.admotors.com for more details.

AD Motors had selected PrimaTrade to provide the logistics support and the MoU was signed today by Mr Youngsun You, the CEO.

March 22

Contract signing between PrimaTrade and GLOBAL IMC for the supply of 144 shipments totaling 7.200.000MT of  steam coal for a period of 3 year

March 19

Contract signing between PrimaTrade and Shanghai Metals & Minerals for supply of 1.200.000MT of steam coal for further delivery to China Huaneng Group [ ranked 275 in Fortune 500 companies in 2011 ]

March 14 

Meeting Hana Daetoo Securities / Global Finance Team and PrimaTrade at Mulia Hotel, Jakarta

March 12 

Work session between Hana Daetoo Securities and PrimaTrade / Kresna Inti Cipta at Kresna Building 

March 11

Mr Kim Hyeong Bae, [right] President of the Korean Veteran Association visited PrimaTrade for discussions on potential steam coal supplies business development 

 March 2

Mr K Yoshida fromJapan visited PrimaTrade to start initial communiication regarding the possibilities to establish a coal marketing representation in his country 

February 27

 Mr Terry Yu, GM of  Inke Mining Group, China, placed an order of 100.000MT of Nickel Ore.

February 17

Hyundai Glovis' Trading Team Manage visited PrimaTrade to pursue the cooperation with Kresna Group of  Companies 

 February  9

For the conveniences of buyers from Korea, PrimaTrade started banking with Hana Bank 

 February 2

Signing of Sales & Purchase Agreement for the supply of 120.000MT / month of ADB 5800 - 5600  to Hyundai Glovis, Korea

 January 26 - 28

Rudi Chandra and Richard Kuntjoro of Nouva Mining as the associated mine contractor of PrimaTrade accompanied a buyer from Korea to visit the Nickel mine in Pomala, South East Sulawesi. The expeted contract is now signed to supply 250.000 MT of Nickel Ore 1.8% - 1.7% per month.

January 18

 PrimaTrade appointed Mr Tsang Wai Kit, based in Hong Kong as a Marketing Representative

 January 18 - 23

PrimaTrade in cooperation with MAKMUR PERKASA Group accompanied buyers from Korea and Japan to inspect several mines in South Kalimantan. The expected supply contract will include:

  • ADB 5800 - 5600 : 4.800.000 MT per year
  • ADB 5500 - 5300 : 4.800.000 MT per year

January 18

PrimaTrade is teaming up with MAKMUR PERKASA GROUP to provide long term coal supply to J-Power, Electric Power Development Co Ltd, JAPAN. J-Power as of end of March 2011 show that they have built and operate 67 power plants with a total output capacity of 16,922.50 megawatts and a transmission network of about 2,400 kilometers of power lines    

January 5

Friendly session between PrimaTrade and the Korean buyer mandate for sales of over 2million MT of NAR 5500 - 5300 after a tough negotiation. From left to right : Samuel Edison [PrimaTrade - Korea Sales Coordinator], President of PrimaTrade, Michelle Kwon [Buyer Mandate], John Kim [Buyer Mandate], Maeng Sung Soon [PrimaTrade - Korea Sales Representative].

January 2 

PrimaTrade had expanded its marketing network in Korea by appointing a special sales team consisting of experienced members to dedicate the marketing resources to the sales to the potential buyers and end users in the country.

Samuel Edison
Sales Coordinator

Maeng, Sung-Soon
REPUBLIC of KOREA Representative 

Jun, Byeong-Soo

Lee, Young-Ji
REPUBLIC of KOREA Representative


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